Windows open up spaces, create the interior atmosphere and protect the intimate living area. They ensure daylight access and an appropriate exchange of air. They must open and close reliably and look good. Furthermore, their thermal insulation properties are not without significance – this aspect is becoming particularly important in times of the rising heating costs. In buildings, windows play a key role in thermal protection, as it is in the windows that the greatest energy losses occur.

With PLASTIMET ELITE windows, you will create new living comfort. You will save on heating costs while adding comfort and functionality to your home.



• 6-chamber system of Plastimet Elite proprietary window profiles
• installation depth 80 mm (frame width)
• semi-flush sash 90 mm (sash width)


• modern and reliable ROTO NX hardware
• elegant design of cover caps and accessories available in a variety of colours
• many functional hardware solutions can be used including concealed hinges (Designo hardware)
• increased burglary protection hardware*
• microventilation (standard)


• double-gasket system (two rebate gaskets)


• double or triple pane units with a warm or aluminium frame
• can be used with fillings up to 44 mm
• wide range of panes including e.g.: safety glass, tempered glass, burglar proof or solar control glass


• wide range of veneers in various patterns and colours or
• standard white windows for fans of classic solutions

*available as an option

New, innovative ROTO NX hardware system!

A solution based on the Roto NT system, proven and appreciated for years. The new product has gained a number of enhancements, and thus took another step forward in the field of window hardware. Today, it can be said to set market standards and directions. When developing the new solution, the focus was on such aspects as security, comfort and design. A number of elements have been modernised and refined, with new features and functions developed to offer a high degree of operating comfort and optimum functionality. Roto NX is the right choice and a safe investment for the future! (or a secure investment for years to come)



Greater ease of operation and effortless closing thanks to the stepped sash engagement. The new sash stay and stay bearing ensure optimum component alignment for comfortable and precise operation of the entire hardware. In addition, the microventilation which is integrated with the stay, ensures that it is fitted to every window as standard. Details such as the new handle misalignment lock with a robust spring mechanism for a long service life have also been taken care of.



The modern and elegant design with no visible fixing bolts ensures an attractive appearance, and the wide range of colours of the elegant cover caps or the use of fine powder coating allows for individual adaptation.



Roto NX also offers increased security. Thanks to its high load-bearing capacity, even the standard hardware can handle sashes weighing up to 130 kg without any extra charge, and up to 150 kg as an extra option! This makes the system appropriate for modern projects with large and heavy glazing. This is all thanks to the improved hinge side in the form of new solid stay brackets and a bottom hinge.

Jakość wykonania

Quality of workmanship

A technologically advanced coating offering maximum protection is another advantage of Roto NX. The new coating hardness guarantees durability, provides corrosion and abrasion protection to connecting and sliding elements that are subject to intensive use, and thus ensures reliable operation for many years. Parts that are particularly susceptible to wear, such as joints and sliding surfaces, are also protected.

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