MB-86N is a window and door system with very good parameters that can satisfy a variety of user needs. There are two design variants of sections to choose from, depending on the thermal energy efficiency requirements: ST and SI. MB-86N offers excellent thermal and tightness performance.


MB-45S is a system designed for constructing doors with surface-mounted hinges and partition walls with doors. It is part of the MB-45 window and door system.
Products based on the MB-45S system are presentable and have good utility properties. Prefabrication is very simple and quick due to the elimination of most of the labour-intensive processing. Profiles with special grooves allow for various types of hinges, catches and bolts to be fixed without any modification. As with MB-45, profiles are joined with minimum treatment, using aluminium connectors and additional accessories.


MB-59S is a system used to construct external elements of buildings that require thermal and acoustic proofing, e.g.: various types of windows, doors, vestibules, display windows, etc.
The structural depth of the window sections is: 50 mm for frames and 59 mm for sashes. The external surfaces of these sections lie in one plane. The structural depth of the door sections for both frames and sashes is 50 mm. The effect of the door leaves flush with the frame is thus achieved on both the inside and outside.


MB-79N is the most modern and economical window and door system in the Aluprof product range. It has been introduced to meet the increased requirements of thermal performance. It is used to construct such structures as: fixed, casement, tilt, tilt and turn, tilt and slide windows, as well as single- and double-leaf external doors and display window solutions with doors. In addition to the economic version MB-79N E, with a single-component central gasket in the windows, and the MB-79N ST version with a two-component central gasket, the product has the MB-79N SI variant with the best thermal insulation properties, with profiles fitted with insulating inserts and a two-component central gasket. The MB-79N SI+ variant with insulating inserts inside the profiles and a central gasket is also available for external doors.


Lift-and-slide doors are an ideal solution for connecting rooms or conservatories to the outdoor environment, providing a convenient exit to a balcony, terrace or open garden space.
They provide a very good contact with the surroundings, and in the open position they do not take up any space inside the room, which makes them even more convenient. The MB-77HS system is one of the best performing products, meeting all the requirements for this product group.


The MB-104 Passive window and door system with a thermal barrier and the highest thermal insulation performance, meets all the requirements for elements used in passive construction engineering.
The system is used to construct external architectural elements, e.g. various types of windows, doors, vestibules, display windows and spatial structures, which, apart from excellent thermal insulation, are also characterised by very good sound insulation, water and air tightness, as well as high structural strength.
The characteristics of windows and doors constructed based on MB-104 Passive system elements exceed the current requirements of the strictest applicable regulations and standards, therefore MB-104 is a perfect element for energy-saving and passive construction technologies.

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